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bougies flottantes, lanternes flottantes


Since time  immemorial , we have gathered around flames, be it for religious ceremonies, initiatory rites, or simply to celebrate life during commemorative or festive meals.

Candle flames have always been with us, bearing witness to our joys and sorrows.

In Asia and India, floating candles have been used for centuries to celebrate festivals and commemorate significant life events.

It is this age-old tradition that inspired me to conceive Aqualumi: to create entirely biodegradable floating lanterns made from all-natural and environmentally friendly materials, to exist in authenticity and poetry.

All the floating candles are handcrafted in my workshop near Paris.

I hope that each one of them will carry emotions and meaning, with a touch of magic.

May they inspire you to dream!​


Arsene Khan

Arsène Khan
bougies flottantes, lanternes flottantes
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