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Each Big Box contains 36 lanterns of the chosen color and packaging.


Also, please note that prices decrease depending on quantity and vary depending on your location.


Delivery fees are included in the price



All the constituent elements of the lanterns are natural and without exception 100% biodegradable.

Aqualumi floating candles are available in different food-based pastel colors.

The proposed colors are: pink, yellow, mauve, blue, green and white.

Each floating lantern consists of a cup with its candle.

Dimensions: 12 to 14 cm in diameter. Height 7cm. Approximate weight 30g.

Approximate duration of the candle 1H - 1H15.

Storage in a dry place at room temperature.

The candles will extinguish themselves after the wax burns out completely, and only the rice paper shell will remain. The cup will sink and degrade naturally and quickly.

Big Box of 36 lanterns Ceremonies

Color boxes
  • If you change your mind, you can return at your cost your order within a maximum of 15 days after receipt.

    Please take notice that you will be responsible for any loss of value if the returned item is not in its original condition.

    We thank you for consulting our general conditions of sale (GTC)

  • You can put an inscription of your choice on the boxes.

    You can add a name, a date or a phrase. 


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